Harris E. Weinberg Mediation


# of Parties Half Day Full Day
2 parties $2,750 $5,500
3 or more parties $3,250 $6,500

Half Day includes up to 4 hours of session and 1 hour of study time.
Full Day includes up to 8 hours of session and 2 hours of study time.

Administrative Fees:

ADR Services, Inc.'s Mediation Administrative Fees: $250.00 per party

Postponement/Cancellation Fees:

If the scheduled mediation is cancelled or postponed with notice of less than ten (10) business days, the canceling party(ies) will be charged a fee of $2,500.00 if another matter cannot be scheduled in its place. If there is a dispute among the parties as to which party(ies) caused the postponement or cancellation, the fee will be split equally among the parties.

Travel Charges:

There will be a charge for travel time for any hearings held outside Alameda, Marin or San Francisco Counties.